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Sensori Air Detoxifying Aromatic Soy Candle 60g

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Experience the pure essence of nature with Sensori+ Air Detoxifying Aromatic Soy Candle, crafted from all-natural, plant-derived ingredients. Infused with ChlorosPURE®, an exclusive eco-friendly technology from Australia, this candle offers a soothing solution for our living environments. Embrace the next level of fragrant luxury as this innovative candle works on a molecular level to neutralise unwanted odours, creating an Australian-inspired ambiance within your space. With proven efficacy against 100+ airborne toxins and an average removal ratio exceeding 87%, backed by third-party lab tests, this candle stands out from conventional alternatives by eradicating synthetic scents and enveloping your surroundings with a gentle, natural fragrance. Enjoy up to 60 hours of burn time and elevate your sensory experience with the included Zinc Alloy Lid.