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Love Your Skin Box

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Wanting to kick-start the teen on your gift list with a high-quality, natural skincare routine that's optimised for acne-prone, inflamed and sensitive skin?? The treats in this box have been hand-picked by our team as they've been proven highly effective for anyone who struggles to keep their skin happy! Featuring the incredible Lué Skin Solution set (which regularly retails for up to $70) to naturally cleanse, target breakouts, and deeply hydrate the skin - without the use of pore-clogging oils. Your recipient will love to start their routine off with the fluffy Puff Poofs to luxuriously remove any makeup or build-up without any harsh products, then follow with the incredible Lué skin solution steps. Also included is a refreshing Vitamin C-boosting Face Mask to encourage a bit of me-time - while nourishing the skin with nutrients for summer. 


Lué By Jean Seo Skin Solution Set (Spot Treatment, Cleanser, Serum RRP $70.00)

This lovely set is so soothing and created for the most sensitive skin, combining natural, simple ingredients that are effective!

The Erase Cleanser is made with milk powder and oat flour for a softening, soothing cleanse that can also double as an exfoliant when left to dry. This cleanser has been well-loved from our subscribers, see the review below!

The Balance Serum is a lovely super hydrating serum formulated with Hyaluronic Acid to boost hydration on a cellular level and add radiance without any oils, butters or lotions that can cause irritation and inflammation for sensitive and acne prone skin.

The Clear Spot Treatment is award-winning for its powers to zap away pesky blemishes and keep skin clear! 

Lue by jean seo skin solution set


"The Lué set has been a godsend for my skin, I am in my mid-twenties and suffer from acne, I simplified my routine and just use these now plus a moisturiser, I noticed a huge difference in just a week! Thank you MyTreat!" - J Longdon, MyTreat Subscriber.

 "This is an absolutely amazing set - I left a review on Facebook for you - I have tried prescription acne cream and so many other treatments and nothing cleared the white/blackheads whereas the mask washed them away, even the pesky nose ones, straight away just like it said on the bottle it would" Feedback from one of our subscribers.

Skye Candle & Bodycare Puff Poof Makeup Remover Wipes 2pc (RRP $19.90)

Double-sided and super fluffy, these puffs naturally buff away makeup and built-up dirt from the day, without stripping the skin like typical makeup removers do, which makes these well suited to anyone with sensitive skin prone to acne or inflammation. Once wet with warm water. these puffs are rubbed in circular motions to gently cleanse the skin and completely remove makeup, it works like magic! Machine washable and re-usable, these puffs are a natural alternative to harsh makeup wipes and are a daily essential that anyone would love. 

Rata & Co Vitamin C Face Mask (RRP $4.99)

A burst of vitamin-rich hydration for tired skin, this Rata & Co Radiance Boosting Vitamin C Face Masks is formulated to hydrate and boost dull and tired skin. Infused with natural ingredients like Collagen and rich Shea butter, this mask will replenish and condition, leaving skin radiant, plump and hydrated - naturally. 

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