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Royal Treatment

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Facial treats fit for a queen!!

For anyone who wants to feel like royalty day and night... This gift set is your dream trio for a gorgeous, glowing complexion and beautiful hair. These products each feel like magic to apply, and are guaranteed to make anyone feel like a Queen! Send to your bestie/mum/aunt/sister for a gift set they will truly LOVE you for, or yourself for a self-care gift you will enjoy for months to come. 

  • Coco Bay Royal Serum RRP $55.00
  • Modern Ayhuverda Hair Masque RRP $24.90

  • Linden Leaves Gold Toning Mist RRP $39.99

FEATURING - Coco Bay Royal Serum RRP $55.00

ROYAL - a luxurious serum created by kiwi business - C O C O Bay, is 100% pure, natural and organic designed to repair the skin, add moisture and aid in the skin's natural renewal process. Infused with the treasures of the earth - citrine, lavender, frankincense and more... this serum is absolutely divine, and truly captures the beauty of nature and the wonders it can do for your skin! Your recipient will love adding this to their routine for supple, hydrated skin with a touch of luxury in every application. 


Skye Candle & Bodycare Modern Ayhuverda Hair Masque RRP $24.90

Treat your hair with the Ayurveda moisturising hair mask. Handcrafted by Kash and the Skye Candle & Body Care team in Wellington, they created this hair mask to provide the equivalent of a spa treatment for your hair! It is not only a great hair conditioner, but it also works as an effective treatment for dandruff and a dry, flaky and itchy scalp. The Ayurveda Hair Mask can penetrate the scalp and nourish it from within. Amla, abundant in Vitamin C, can help reduce pre-mature greying and hair loss. The essential fatty acids can help to heal hair follicles, giving your hair strength and lustre.

Linden Leaves Gold Toning Mist RRP $39.99

One of our subscribers and staff's FAVOURITE PRODUCTS EVER, this toner is an absolute luxury to apply and is guaranteed to be empty within a couple of weeks, seriously, it's that damn amazing. A refreshing mist with real 12-carat gold flakes and enriched with amaranth and red rice to help hydrate and restore skin vitality. This luxurious mist is enhanced with natural witch hazel and chamomile to soothe and tone, leaving skin feeling revived. This toner serves as a practical and easy to apply toner for your face and body, but can also be applied over the top of makeup or when you are on the go, to give your skin a boost. It is light, alcohol-free, highly conditioning and pure luxury! Simply spritz on skin and GLOW, what makes you feel more like royalty than that?