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Royal Serum

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Treat yourself like a queen with this royal facial serum. Apply daily to your skin for a replenished, hydrating feeling. 

ROYAL - a luxurious serum created by kiwi business - C O C O Bay, is 100% pure, natural and organic designed to repair the skin, add moisture and aid in the skin's natural renewal process. We just fell in love with the meaning and thought that went into the creation of this serum, as it really encompasses the beauty of nature and the powers each ingredient holds, plus, as our focus, this month is on mental health, what feels more empowering than coating your skin in a luxurious natural serum, infused with the treasures of the earth - citrine, lavender, frankincense and more.

Why Citrine crystal?

"A key feature is the inclusion of infusing ROYAL serum with Citrine. Citrine brings joy, abundance, confidence and personal power to the wearer. I believe these to be key elements to help every woman be the best version of herself. I knew I wanted to add a serum to my range but it had to benefit women not only externally but internally as well. I wanted to create a serum that complimented a woman's worth that also added value to her overall wellbeing. I want every woman to awaken the Queen within and give her skin the ROYAL treatment."

- Nicola, C O C O Bay