Rata Love Box
Rata Love Box
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Rata Love Box

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Our famous Rata and Co pro-biotic trio is back! Last Christmas this box flew off the shelves, so we are releasing it again, but this time we have added a roll-on perfume from Nudi-Point to complete the gift set. Each of these Rata & Co products are made with wonderful Antioxidants, Omega rich plant extracts and Probiotic milk Peptide for a wonderfully soothing, rich formula to target stressed and dull skin. Perfect to renew and refresh skin ready for next year!

What's In The Box

Rata & Co Probiotic Eye Cream (RRP 24.00)

The skin around your eyes is the most delicate on your face, treat your eyes and use an eye cream that is gentle and light yet intensive and nourishing to help with the dark circle, fine lines and puffiness. 

Rata & Co Probiotic Face Cream (RRP 24.00)
This Probiotic Face Cream is light and nourishing, use before bed and before you start the day to feel radiant and fresh.

Rata & Co Probiotic Facial Serum (RRP 20.00) 

Facial serums are an addition to your skin regime you didn’t know you needed, especially after exfoliating, as they are a powerful boost of nutrients for your skin.  Apply this serum after cleansing and toning, then seal in the goodness with moisturizer. This serum is lovely to apply, with a vanilla-like scent and silky formula that effortlessly melts into the skin.

Nudi Point Roll-On Perfume (RRP 20.00) 

The latest release from Nudi Point, this gorgeous roll-on is an all-natural, chemical-free perfume alternative so you can smell lovely without worrying about nasties on the skin. Featured in this box is the beautiful 'Shivelight Shadow' aroma, with pure essential oils of Lavender, Orange, Rose and Pink Grapefruit. Have ready in your purse for on the go refresh throughout the day!

Plus a couple of chocolates so can be a Christmas or any occasion type of gift. 

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