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Broccoli Seed Face Oil

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I saw you! You scrunched your face up when you read the word broccoli! Don't fear this isn't for your tastebuds. It's for your face. A little curious? Continue to read about the benefits of adding super foods into your daily skin care routine and never look back. 

High in natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activity - all key nutrients to maintaining radiant and nourished skin.  10Ml

Why are vegetables such powerful skincare ingredients?

Easily absorbed by the skin, super-greens such as Avocado Oil & Broccoli Seed Oil are rich skin nutrients that soften and condition the skin - packed with the added benefit of Vitamins and Omega Fatty Acids.

Naturally very nourishing, they are gentle and highly effective skin loving conditioners, feeding vital nutrients for more radiant skin.

Don’t just eat your greens - wear them too!


Gently massage into your face and neck, morning and night, to leave skin feeling nourished and conditioned.