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New Year Detox Box - LIMITED EDITION

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To follow up the indulgent festive season, this box holds a few highly effective products to detox the whole body - inside and out. After a few too many bubbles and lashings of Christmas ham, we are all feeling it in the New Year, and with work starting back we want to make sure you can head into 2022 feeling refreshed, so this box is here to the rescue! Features the incredible Beauty Tofu Tip to Toe to flush the gut from toxins, purify the skin and more, an exfoliating sponge to buff away any built-up debris, a clay cleanser to deeply cleanse the skin from those nights of forgetting to wash off makeup, a Cali Woods Tongue Cleaner and more... This box is a limited edition, so if you know you are going to need this box in the New Year, get in quick! 

Beauty Tofu T3 Tip to Toe (RRP $54.00)

100% Sodium Montmorillonite Clay, this is a Beauty Tofy T3 tip to Toe is your 'temple detox' in a bottle. Sodium Montmorillonite Clay is a powerful absorber and detoxifying ingredient, used throughout history by indigenous cultures and healers internally and externally for it's powers in healing, and encouraging production of digestive enzymes. Use internally and externally to purify and restore for the year to come.

Cali Woods Tongue Cleaner (RRP $14.90)

This tongue cleaner will help clear the tongue after the festivities! Stainless Steel and Plastic Free Tongue cleaning for your health and mother nature. Tongue cleaning benefits;

  • Increases sense of taste
  • Improves oral hygiene and reduces bad breath
  • Reduces bacteria and dead cells build up improving digestive health

Miabelle Cream Clay Cleanser with Natural Exfoliant - Pink Clay (RRP $23)

Such an important part of any daily routine, removing the dust and cells that build up on skin throughout the day. When mixed with water this cleanser forms a creamy paste that once buffed into the skin will help naturally detox, brighten, draw out impurities and unclog your pores. This clay cleanser is luxury on the skin, leaving the face feeling fresh, tight and plump. 

Skye Candle & Body Care Konjac Facial Sponge (RRP $19.90)
This Konjac sponge is the ultimate eco-warriors bestie. Once combined with water, this sponge acts like a loofah, but the spongy texture provides a lovely exfoliation. Your lucky recipient will enjoy adding this to their routine to buff the skin and wash away makeup, built-up oil, sunblock and any other build up on the skin. And the best part - the sponge is 100% plant-derived.

Skye Candle & Body Care Crystal Clay Mask (RP $14.90)
Purify, nourish and balance the skin with the Skye Candle & Body Care Crystal Clay Masque. Made with Kaolin and Rhassoul Clay to regulate the skins natural oil balance, cleanse pores and purify the skin. This masque naturally exfoliates with ground quartz crystals, which gently buffs away dead skin and makes way for fresher, radiant skin cells. Use this Masque up to two times a week to keep your skin fresh, healthy and of course - glowing. This Masque doubles as a masque as well as an exfoliator, simply add yoghurt or honey for super hydration and purifying face mask.

Linden Leaves Luxury Body Lotion (RRP $24.99)

Restore skin balance with this 300ml natural hand and body lotion. With harakeke extract and nourishing almond and kiwifruit oils for all over skin health. Clementine & Basil - Fragranced with fresh, sunlit top notes of clementine and orange layered over a softly herbaceous heart of basil and lavender. Ideal for daily use to restore and rehydrate tired, dull skin - especially after a few days in the sun!

Nudi Point Spot The Difference (RRP $19.99)

This Spot the difference roll-on is your life-saver when a few pesky blemishes pop up after the stress, indulgence and maybe that night when you went to sleep with makeup on, over the festive season. With a roll-on applicator, simply roll on any spots that pop up and watch them disappear. This formula has been infused with natural essential oils to help soothe, reduce pigmentation and encourage healing - helping zap those blemishes away so you can take on the year clear and confident!