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Cream Clay Cleanser with Natural Exfoliant

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Cream Clay Cleanser Mask you ask? Sure we have that! Add it to your box!

Natural clays are effective at detoxing the skin, drawing out impurities and naturally helping with keeping your pores unclogged.

When mixed with water this cleanser forms a creamy paste (delicious) that once buffed into the skin will help naturally detox, and brighten. Both of these cleansers have an included natural exfoliant to help buff and polish the skin whilst cleansing without stripping the skin.  

Two options available:

Activated charcoal - Deeper cleanse for oil-prone skin. Infused with organic lavender and ylang ylang essential oils.

Pink clay cleanser - Suitable for any skin type, with a subtle rose fragrance. Infused with organic rose geranium essential oil.

*Essential oils should always be used with caution.


During our peak periods we endeavour to fulfil each order as accurately as we can, from time to time however we do have to substitute products in one off and build a box orders. This will always be a similar product with the same or higher value to the product purchased.