Matakana Superfoods Beauty Bars

Matakana Superfoods Beauty Bars

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Add one of these deliciously nutritious Matakana Superfood Dark Chocolate Bars to complete your treat box! One with collagen protein to help keep your skin bouncy and body nimble, the other with hemp and red raspberry for a boost of healthy antioxidants. We featured these in our February subscription box and had incredible feedback, like this comment from a lovely subscriber: "That chocolate! Omg it's knocked Whittakers off top spot!"

Dark Chocolate Collagen Beauty Bar

If you have been meaning to give collagen supplements a go, the collagen beauty bar provides you the opportunity to try it out! Collagen is a natural substance produced by our bodies to keep our skin firm and joints and muscles nimble, but as our collagen production declines with age, taking supplements is an easy way to help replenish your skin's youthful elasticity and to help aid joint pain. 

Hemp Superfood Dark Chocolate Bar

Promote healthy antioxidants and beautiful skin with this superfood bar! So delicious, you can indulge guilt-free knowing you are benefiting your body!

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