Lockdown Essentials
Lockdown Essentials
Lockdown Essentials
Lockdown Essentials
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Lockdown Essentials

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Back in lockdown once again! Even though being stuck inside it can be stressful and difficult, it is a great opportunity to enjoy some downtime with your family/bubble and invest some time in yourself. Get this box and enjoy two delicious bread pre-mixes, a nourishing hand wash to keep germs at bay, an orange essential oil to freshen the home and add to your spring cleaning, a sugar cane notebook for a project or notes and a 4 pack of our bamboo MyTreat toothbrushes. A great gift for a loved one you are missing, or if you are after something to lift your spirits.

What's In The Box

2x Flour and Dough Beer Bread Flour Pre Mix 

These pre-mixes are a no-knead, no fuss, delicious bread that provide all the cozy carby comfort you need! Simply chuck the mix in a bowl with a beer and a cup of grated cheese, give it a stir and pop in the oven, 40 minutes later you can enjoy delicious, fresh bread that is perfect on it's own. (And with a good slather of butter!)

- Oregano, garlic, sage and rosemary

- Chilli, cheese and garlic

Rata & Co Lemon and Botanical Extracts Hand Wash

As we are washing our hands much more frequently at the moment, most handwash is full of harsh chemicals which leave our hands are left dry and irritated. This Hand wash is made without any parabens or nasty chemicals, so you and the whole family can wash liberally while also keeping the skin nourished. This zesty hand wash also smells so refreshing, and the citrus is a perfect scent to have in the kitchen to remove odours from cooking.

MyTreat Toothbrush 4-Pack

Make the swap from pollutant plastic toothbrushes to a sustainable alternative. Opting for products made from bamboo also cuts down on deforestation and since bamboo is a fast-growing renewable resource that can be harvested in 1-5 years it is so much better for our planet than plastic handled toothbrushes that will never break down. This 4-pack of bamboo brushes is perfect for the whole family, or if you want to keep a couple aside for top-ups.

ByNature Sweet Orange Essential Oil

Scents play a huge role in your mood and orange is proven to alleviate stress, anxiety and depression, which is great over this time to help lift spirits and the energy around you. This sweet orange essential oil from By Nature is fresh and refreshing and can be used in a variety of ways throughout your home. - cleaning products, diffuser, bath oil, oil burner and more! 


The Nature Academy Sugar Cane Paper Notebook

This vibrant notebook conserves forests, promotes biodiversity, supports recycling, and causes zero deforestation. After the juice is extracted from the sugarcane, the left-over waste fiber is used to make the paper in this notebook. You can never have enough notebooks!

Don't forget to add a single-use mask to your box for lockdown pamper nights!

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