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Little Miss Pamper Box

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Have a little Miss at home who hates missing out on her own pamper box? This box is for her! We constantly hear from our subscribers that their little ones steal their treats for themselves, so we wanted to create them their own wee box! 

A mix of treats that anyone would love (really, at any age!!) but specifically with young girls in mind - bright nail polish for their next manicure, shimmery natural eye shadow (so they stop getting in your makeup!) a cute wee bag to hold their 'essentials', and an adorable bunny cookie for a little munch.

- Molly Woppy Iced Gingerbread Bunny Cookie 

- Entity Nail Polish

- Lauren and Louise Natural Mineral Eye Shadow (pink shimmer, or unicorn!) 

- Arture Pink Travel Bag

Molly Woppy Iced Gingerbread Bunny Cookie RRP $2.50

Sweet, delicious and oh-so-adorable, this wee bunny is a great accompaniment to a manicure spa day with mum.

Entity Nail Polish RRP $16.50

Most nail polishes on littlies come off within a day, this may last SLIGHTLY longer, but is also a wonderful nail lacquer with high pigmentation - aka. one coat is enough, and mum/dad won't have to sit through 3 coats!! #winwin

Lauren and Louise Natural Mineral Eye Shadow (pink shimmer, or unicorn!)

RRP $39.99

Beauty products aren't necessarily something we want to encourage for littlies, but let's be honest - they are going to raid your makeup anyway because they want to be like mum! We can't stop this cute stubbornness from happening, so we may as well give them their own, and in this case - natural for their young skin. These eye shadows are super shimmery and can be used on the eyes, as blush, on the cheekbones as highlighter, mixed with lotion for body shimmer and so much more. Let their creativity loose! (And get 5-10 minutes of guaranteed distraction!!)

Arture Travel Bag RRP $5

For their coins that they seem to collect from all corners of the house or helping with chores, or for their lippy, 'credit cards', pens/crayons/pencils, whatever - it's pink and shiny. They'll love it.