Kiwi Skincare Hero Box


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Kiwi Skincare Hero Box
Kiwi Skincare Hero Box

All the big players are found inside this beautiful Kiwi Skincare Hero Box. Lemon & Beaker, known for their highly effective lemon infused skincare range, Linden Leaves balancing toner with certified organic ingredients, and more... This high value, high quality box will go down a treat with any natural skincare loving babe. Perfectly suited to all ages, and featuring the sought after Tip to Toe temple cleanse, the lucky recipient can enjoy face mask after face mask with the natural skin enhancing powers of Beauty Tofu. Packaged up in one of our big boxes and delivered to your place, or an address of your choice, you can gift this box to someone special this Christmas and when you spend over $60 on one off boxes, shipping is FREE. See all one off boxes <<HERE>>.

Lemon & Beaker Foaming Deep Cleanser (RRP $36) 
Formulated with a hint of Lemon Peel Essential Oil and Bergamot Fruit Oil for brighter and more radiant skin, this highly effective NZ made foaming cleanser has been blowing up Instagram with stories of its success and with instantly fresher feeling skin this one feels like a treat every time it's used! 

Linden Leaves Balancing Toner (RRP $34.99)
A light and refreshing facial mist, rich in botanical extracts to help hydrate and restore skin vitality. In a handy, go-anywhere bottle, this product can be spritzed on at anytime to instantly revive skin. Enhanced with natural witch hazel and chamomile, this toner is formulated to soothe, nourish and tone the skin.

Goodness Twice a Day Eye Creme (RRP $16.95)
Goodness twice a day eye cream is soft, delicate and fragrance free. It helps your eyes to look and feel amazing. With witch hazel, coconut, avocado, and chia goodness you will hardly know it is even there until you look in the mirror.

Beauty Tofu Tip to Toe Temple Cleanse (RRP $49.00)
The Temple Cleanse Detox has the power to cleanse and revive you, instantly revealing fresher skin when used as a mask, and offering a sweet internal detox either in a smoothie or added to your favourite superfood bowl. It is the perfect treat to use once or twice a week to improve skin imperfections and flush the toxins and impurities from our bodies.

Rata & Co Probiotic Face Oil (RRP $35.95)
Swap your moisturiser for this natural Rata & Co Superfood face oil with organic NZ Flaxseed oil. A superfood skin brightening face oil with NZ flaxseed oil, this treat helps bring back your skin’s radiant vitality and healthy glow. Rata & Co have been able to combine the best organic antioxidants and omega rich fatty acids to create an extra concentrated blend of oils to replace your daily moisturiser. 

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Kiwi Skincare Hero Box
Kiwi Skincare Hero Box

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