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  • NZ Valentines Gift Box
  • NZ Valentines Gift Box
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Arture Deluxe Gift Set

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Practice some self-love and self-compassion by gifting yourself this ultra-luxurious skincare and beauty pack. This goodie box comes teeming with high-quality products from Arture, known for their signature rose scent, high-quality and top of the line formulations. Invest in yourself and your skin, with Arture’s highly popular Rose Water Glow Mist and age-defying Retinol Youth Preserve. Be quick to snap up this incredible, limited-edition MyTreat box deal, down from $249 to only $187!

This Valentines Gift Box includes:

- Arture Rose Water Glow Mist

- Arture Orchid Rejuvenating Eye Cream

- Arture False Lash Effects

- Arture Youth Preserve - Retinol 2.5%

 Arture Rose Water Glow Mist (RRP $39.99) - Arture's Rose Water Glow Mist is a 100% natural, moisturising makeup setting spray that creates a dewy glow to your complexion. This product contains the hydrating and beautifying properties of rose water and rosehip oil.

Arture Orchid Rejuvenating Eye Cream (RRP $89.95) - This product harvests the power of orchid stem cells to activate communication among cells to relaunch their rejuvenating activity. Visibly lifts, tightens, and redefines the eye area to give an eye-opening effect.

Arture False Lash Effects (RRP $49.95) - This product is a peptide-based growth serum that stimulates the growth of eyelashes to give you longer, fuller lashes. Formulated to visibly improve lash length and density within only two weeks of use.

Arture Youth Preserve - Retinol 2.5% (RRP $69.99) - This product contains a high concentration of natural retinol at 2.5% to effectively smooth out wrinkles, refine skin, enhance collagen production, and minimise the effects of sun damage.