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A collection of practical beauty essentials that are designed to replace some of those existing products! Perhaps you've been looking for chemical free alternatives to a healthy face care routine or maybe you just want to experience the power of plant based ingredients so you can see the difference for yourself... this box is LOADED with value and will deliver beautiful skin, sweet scents and bright beautiful smiles. Packaged up in one of our big boxes and delivered to your place, or an address of your choice, you can gift this box to someone special this Christmas and when you spend over $60 on one off boxes, shipping is FREE. See all one off boxes <<HERE>>.

Whats inside? 

Beauty Tofu T3 Temple Cleanse - use as a powerful clay mask or internal detox to suck the impurities from your body. (RRP $49.99) 

Beauty Tofu collagen wand - skincare to improve collagen production and stimulate the cells of your skin to regenerate. Unlike using something in a bottle or jar, this little beauty essential will plump and improve skin over and over again. (RRP $69.00)

Linden Leaves Hand Lotion - Linden Leaves are known for their NATRUE status which means not only are they committed to sustainability as a brand, their ingredients can all be traced back to their organic and (genuinely) natural origins. This luxury boxed hand lotion is a lovely gift in its own right, or the perfect accessory for summer hands to keep them hydrated and health without any toxic chemicals or parabens. (RRP $11.99)

Aotearoad Natural Deoderant - have you been searching for a natural deodorant to replace your roll on? One you don't have to touch with your fingers to apply? This natural New Zealand made deodorant will give you the confidence to leave the house aluminium free and ready to face any sweaty situations throughout the day. (RRP $12.90)

Do Gooder toothbrush (RRP $6.50) and Nudi Point Teeth Whitener (RRP $22). The Nudi Points Black to white charcoal teeth whitener can help to remove the surface stains on our teeth from coffee, wine, smoking and our diets. As well as stain removal this product can strengthen your gums, remove unwanted toxins from your mouth and absorb bacteria to give your teeth that sparkling white glow you have always wanted. Nudi Points Black to white charcoal teeth whitener is made with 100% natural activated coconut charcoal and is sure to impress you and those around you with how well it works. 

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