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Feet Pamper Pack

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TREAT YOUR FEET! We all love the chance to put our feet up, especially if you spend the day on our feet. Send this pamper pack to a friend who would love the chance to treat their feet or to yourself if you want to encourage a little more self-care in your life. This box has the entire foot care experience from start to finish; A divine Himalayan salt soak, a gentle scrub tool for those cracked heels, a cooling scrub for the whole foot, a nourishing balm to soften and rehydrate, and then a couple polishes to keep those toe looking fab. Also, a face mask, because a pamper wouldn't be complete without it! 

  • 3-in-1 Foot Care Tool
  • 2x Entity Nail Polish Gel Lacquers (mystery colours)
  • Rata & Co Tea Tree & Aloe Vera Foot Scrub
  • Rata & Co Coconut & Marine Minerals Foot Lotion
  • ByNature Firm & Smooth Bakuchiol Face Mask 
  • Skye Candle & Body Care Pink Himalayan salt Bath and Foot Soak