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Skye Candle and Body Care

Electric Wax and Oil Burner

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Does an open flame candle make you nervous? Do you always forget to blow your candles out? Never worry again! And have the room smelling delicious at the same time! 

Experience a beautiful fragrance without a flame in sight with The Skye Candle & Body Care Electric Wax Warmer! Forget about needing to hunt out or purchase a tea light every time you want to enjoy your wax melts. Instead, simply add your soy melts to the silicon tray, plug in your Electric Wax Warmer and away you go.

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Soy wax melters have become a permanent home decor accessory in homes and workplaces across the country. The Skye Candle & Body Care Electric Wax Warmer has taken this to a new level. Easy to use and a pleasure to look at, it features a:

  • silicone burner plate - easy to keep clean, once the used wax has reset, it simply lifts off
  • decorative metal housing - black in colour, the metal surround features an intricate cut-out tree design
  • 7 led lights - enjoy your choice of seven coloured led lights when using your wax warmer, creating a unique ambience in any room!
  • suitable for use with essential oils and wax melts