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Eco Warrior

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For that person in your gift list that loves all things eco and caring for our planet, but could also do with a bit of self-love this summer. This gift box features beautiful pampering treats and household tools that are all eco friendly! Featuring the NATRUE Certified Linden Leaves Body Oil for supple, glowing skin, a creamy lip butter in a compostable tube, a pant-derived natural konjac sponge, rose gold stainless steel washing pegs, organic beeswax wraps and a solid moisturiser, this gift set is guaranteed to delight this Christmas.

Cali Woods Organic Bees Wax Wrap - Large (RRP $14.50)

Easy to use, beautiful Organic Beeswax Wrap to keep food in the kitchen and on the go fresh, whilst keeping the home plastic-free! This is any eco-friendly households essential.

Bento Ninja Rose Gold Stainless Steel Pegs 20 pack (RRP $44.95)

Marine-grade stainless steel pegs will that will LAST. Most plastic pegs end up breaking or rusting through within a matter of months, costing your pocket and our planet. These pegs will last your recipient until the end of their days, and in with their gorgeous rose gold hue and cute black cotton bag, will be a welcome addition to the laundry room.

Ahhh Sweet Orange & Grapefruit Solid Moisturiser ($14.99)
Equivalent to two 250ml Body Lotions, The Ahhh (Now known as Anihana!) Solid Moisturiser is a natural and eco-friendly alternative to a typical lotion. Made with natural, simple ingredients like Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, Sunflower Wax and added vitamin C and E for anti-aging benefits, to leave the skin super hydrated and smelling of sweet citrus all day long.

Nudi Point Pinky Spear me a kiss Creamy Lip Butter (RRP $12) 
This decadent lip butter not only smells wonderful but nourishes and intensely hydrates lips naturally. Refreshing peppermint flavour and made with only the best ingredients in a compostable tube, this balm will quickly become a favourite.

Skye Candle & Body Care Konjac Facial Sponge (RRP $19.90)
This Konjac sponge is the ultimate eco-warriors bestie. Once combined with water, this sponge acts like a loofah, but the spongy texture provides a lovely exfoliation. Your lucky recipient will enjoy adding this to their routine to buff the skin and wash away makeup, built-up oil, sunblock and any other build up on the skin. And the best part - the sponge is 100% plant-derived.

Linden Leaves Pick Me Up Body Oil - 60ml

This luxurious body oil is formulated with natural and organic ingredients to provide intense skin moisturisation. This beautiful botanical body oil from Linden Leaves is blended with sweet almond oil and apricot kernel oils then infused with organic rosehip and avocado oils to keep skin soft and nourished.  Ideal for daily or weekly use after bathing or showering in place of a lotion to keep skin soft and nourished and minimise wrinkles, scars and stretch marks. 

Linden Leaves Natural Skincare range is accredited by NATRUE, a world leader in Natural Product Certification. NATRUE is an international natural and organic certification body who have one objective – to strengthen the consumer’s trust in Natural Cosmetics. This certification isn't easy to get, but Linden Leaves prides itself on ensuring its products are all natural.

During our peak periods we endeavour to fulfil each order as accurately as we can, from time to time however we do have to substitute products in one off and build a box orders. This will always be a similar product with the same or higher value to the product purchased.