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Eco Goddess Box

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The best thing for the planet and for you! Be an Eco-friendly warrior while indulging in with some self-love and care!
Packed with all things good for you and your body, the Eco-Friendly Box is a treat that doesn't cost the planet. Natural, Beautiful, just like you.

⦁ Nudi Point Black to white natural teeth whitener.
⦁ Nudi Point gimmie a break headache relief
⦁ Back to the wild sunblock SPF50
⦁ Miabelle cream Clay cleanser
⦁ Nudi Point facially yours
⦁ Little Mango natural deoderant
⦁ Nudi Point natural loofah

Nudi Point Black to white natural teeth whitener. ($22.00)
Nudi Points Black to White charcoal teeth whitener can help remove the surface stains on our teeth from coffee, wine, smoking and our diet. As well as stain removal this product can strengthen your gums, remove unwanted toxins from your mouth and absorb bacteria to give your teeth that sparkling white glow you have always wanted. Nudi Points Black to white charcoal teeth whitener is made with 100% natural activated coconut charcoal and is sure to impress you and those around you with how well it works.

Nudi Point gimmie a break headache relief ($17.00)
Gimme a break! - Headache Relief is perfect for anyone who experiences headaches. From those annoying ones beyond all control, to the self inflicted kind, this Nudi Point convenient little roll-on elixir will help release the band of tension around the head, and reduce the pain from headaches. Ideal if you’re planning to make the most of every festive celebration, this fun and practical treat is perfect for your handbag or car, for natural relief on the go. A tried and tested ancient recipe of Lavender, Rosemary, Peppermint & Eucalyptus Pure Essential Oils, this is an all natural alternative to common headache tablets. 

Back to the wild sunblock SPF50 ($29.70)
This sunscreen uses zinc oxide as well as natural oils that naturally provide a barrier from the suns rays, rather using chemicals which react with your skin and can cross into your tissue. 

Miabelle cream Clay cleanser ($23.00)
When mixed with water this cleanser forms a creamy paste that once buffed into the skin will help naturally detox, brighten, draw out impurities and unclog pores. Both of these cleansers have an included natural exfoliant to help buff and polish the skin whilst cleansing without stripping the skin. 

Nudi Point facially yours Serum ($49.00)
This facially your's facial serum uses therapeutic grade ingredients and is known as liquid gold and you will see why once you start using it.Made with beautiful oils, this serum is best used after moisturizer to seal in hydration and keep skin supple and gorgeous.

Little Mango natural deodorant ($18.99)
Don’t sweat when it comes to being busy. All natural and beautiful to use this Little Gem will have you covered all day long.

Nudi Point natural loofah ($7.00)
Keep your skin clean and revitalized with our Natural Exfoliating Loofah Sponge.
This product is perfect after a hard day’s work and effectively cleans and exfoliates your skin. A 100% natural exfoliant, this loofah sponge is lightweight and allows you to remove dead skin cells leaving your skin smooth.