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Eco Goddess Box

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For your favourite eco warrior, all natural NZ skincare, all in eco packaging. This box holds all the eco essentials to 'make the swap' and indulge the face and body without any cost to our beautiful planet. A vibrant solid moisturizer to hydrate your skin all summer long, konjac exfoliating facial sponge, Nudi point essential oil perfume for sweet smelling natural goodness and so much more...

Skye Candle & Bodycare Konjac Facial Sponge (RRP $12.00)

This Konjac sponge is the ultimate eco-warriors bestie. Once combined with water, this sponge acts like a loofah, but the spongy texture provides a lovely exfoliation. Your lucky recipient will enjoy adding this to their routine to buff the skin and wash away makeup, built up oil, sunblock and any other build up on the skin. And the best part - the sponge is 100% plant derived.

Ahhh Solid Moisturiser ($12.99)

Equivalent to two 250ml Body Lotions, The Ahhh (Now known as Anihana!) Solid Moisturiser is a natural and eco-friendly alternative to a typical lotion. Made with natural, simple ingredients like Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, Sunflower Wax and added vitamin C and E for anti-aging benefits, to leave the skin super hydrated and smelling of sweet citrus all day long.

AOTEAROAD Natural Dry Shampoo ($14.99 rrp)

Typical dry shampoos are full of nasty chemicals that can damage your scalp, your hair and our planet.
This natural Dry Shampoo from Aotearoad doesn't contain any talc powder, LPG's, perfumes, alcohol, silicones or other unnecessary chemicals that your typical dry shampoo would contain! This is all-natural, so you can achieve oil-free locks whenever you need it. Plus, the powder leaves the hair smelling of soothing, fresh lavender & ylang ylang.

MyTreat Toothbrushes 4pack (RRP $20)

Anyone committed to making the eco swap will love this pack of toothbrushes in their cabinet! With a completely compostable bamboo handle, these toothbrushes keep your teeth - and our planet - cleaner. Bamboo is a fast-growing renewable resource that can be harvested in 1-5 years, (which is a better alternative to other woods like oak, which can take up to 40 years to mature.) and obviously a much better alternative to plastic, where 87,640kg of plastic toothbrushes go to the tip every year in NZ alone.

Hormone Balance Roll On Blend (RRP $16.85) - please note differs from product photographed. 

Hormonal imbalance may have you feeling blue and fatigued, but ironically, unable to sleep. Hormones can be affected by a variety of factors, like your menstrual cycle, but also by the foods we eat & drink, makeup, traveling and even light. This Hormone Balance roll-on was specially formulated by Debra at Sirius Skincare, who has battled years of endometriosis. To help aid her pain and to help others who suffer from hormonal imbalance, she created this super blend of essential oils to keep you feeling calm, balanced and at your best all day long. Roll on the skin by your liver to aid in hormone balance, or roll into your palms and breathe in the relaxing aroma when you need it.