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Blonde Bombshell Box

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Are you a blondie? It's true what they say blondes do have more fun...but also need more upkeep to their hair. Breakage, Colour and Toner are just a few things going on in a Blondie's head. This bundle of blonde necessities will see you through. 

We have ticked all the boxes to make this Blonde Pamper Box perfect for a blonde bombshell. There are treats for your hair and health, from products for brassy tones eradication to yummy immunity boosters and headache reliefs. Enjoy!

  • Erabella One Shade Blonder Shampoo RRP $37.00
  • Erabella One Shade Blonder Conditioner RRP $37.00
  • Little Beauties Freeze-Dried Boysenberries - White Choc RRP $6.99
  • Top Notch Maccadamia Milk Chocolate Brittle RRP $5.40
  • Daily Good Immunity Shots RRP $19.99
  • Nudi Point 'Gimme a break!' Headache Relief RRP $17.00

Erabella One Shade Blonder Shampoo & Conditioner RRP $74.00
The Erabella One Shade Blonder Shampoo and conditioner are both proudly made in NZ and contain quality active ingredients to transform a brassy yellow-blonde into a beautifully toned blonde. The shampoo will neutralise brassy yellow hair with a formula that includes kawakawa extract, shea butter, argan oil, and coconut oil.

Little Beauties Freeze-Dried Boysenberries - White Choc RRP $6.99
These hand-picked boysenberries from Tasman Bay are freeze-dried by Nelson-based Little Beauties, an innovative NZ company specialising in drying fruits. The whole freeze-dried berries retain their special taste and crunchy texture and are paired with a dollop of white chocolate for a moreish treat that you’ll find hard to put down.

Top Notch Macadamia Milk Chocolate Brittle RRP $5.40
This delicious milk chocolate macadamia brittle from Top Notch, a producer with over 1,500 macadamia trees in its Waikato-based orchard in New Zealand, is the perfect gluten-free treat coupled with a cup of coffee. It has got the perfect level of crunch too that won't break your teeth!

Daily Good Immunity Shots RRP $19.99
Daily Good Immunity Shots are formulated with natural, organic produce and high-quality, nutritious ingredients like zinc, NZ Manuka honey and organically certified ginger from Fiji, to ensure you get a ton of healthy benefits with no added fillers or nasties. They’re also gluten and dairy-free and proudly made in New Zealand.
Each bottle has 7 daily shots, that can be taken neat or diluted in hot or cold water.

Nudi Point - Headache Relief RRP $17.00
Life can be demanding and you’re not alone if you find yourself struggling from time to time. If this results in a bit of a headache – this convenient little roll-on elixir will sort you out. A tried and tested ancient recipe of Lavender, Rosemary, Peppermint & Eucalyptus Pure Essential Oils – there’s no need to be popping those pills when you can get that smile back on your face the natural way.
How to use: Roll on your temples and wait 10-15 minutes. You can also roll a little under your nose for a particularly severe headache.