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Thank You

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Nothing says thank you like sending a box of luxury me-time!

Have a bestie who is always there through the thick and thin, never fails to lend a shoulder to cry on and can listen to you vent your woes away for hours? This box is for them. Specially chosen treats to send to their doorstep and spoil them silly.  
This box has the full self-care treatment from start to finish; Starting with their beverage - a cool glass of Rosé combined with the included freeze-dried raspberries for a touch of magic, a bite of rich coconut ice, eye compressor pads and a luxurious mask for the ultimate facial, and an Arture soothing glow mist for a touch of daily luxe... Also included is a gorgeous Linden Leaves BonBon to complete the perfect gift.
  • Veuve du Vernay Ice Rosé RRP $9.95
  • Arture Rose Water Glow Mist RRP $39.00
  • Fudge Cottage Coconut Ice RRP $6.50
  • Arture Eye Compressor Pads RRP $10.00
  • By Nature Pink Clay Face Mask RRP $8.00
  • Linden Leaves Pink Petal Bon Bon RRP $12
  • Little Beauties Freeze Dried Raspberries  RRP $7.00

Arture Rose Water Glow Mist RRP $39.00

Arture's Rose Water Glow Mist is a 100% natural, moisturising makeup setting spray that creates a dewy glow to your complexion. This product contains the hydrating and beautifying properties of rose water and rosehip oil.

Linden Leaves Pink Petal Bon Bon ($12.00)
Linden Leaves new floral Bon Bon, now with a Pink Petal hand cream and Memories rose body oil to soothe and nourish your hands and body. Each Bon Bon contains a deeply hydrating hand cream enhanced with shea and cocoa butters, and a Memories body oil

Veuve du Vernay Ice Rosé RRP $9.96

Yes way Rosé! A refeshing, sweet summery refreshment that feels like luxury as soon as it's poured.

Fudge Cottage Coconut Ice RRP $6.50

Ready for a walk down memory lane? Are you going to let your tastebuds tingle while you remember sneaking into your Grandmas fridge for one more piece of her homemade coconut ice? 

Arture Eye Compressor Pads RRP $10.00

Arture’s Eye Compress Pads give you that ultimate ‘spa feeling’ of cooling cucumbers. But unlike cucumber slices, these pads can be used over and over again. Simply pop in the fridge or heat warm water whenever your eyes feel sore, puffy or tense. When used warm, it will further aid achy eyes.

By Nature Pink Clay Face Mask RRP $8.00

Infused with natural pink clay, this mask will deeply purify and brighten, leaving the skin softer and hydrated. Use these masks as part of your weekly skincare routine to give your face the extra care and nourishment it deserves.

Little Beauties Freeze Dried Raspberries RRP $7.00

These 100% organic freeze dried whole raspberries are divine on their own, and make the ultimate addition to your fave summer spritz.