Bath Lovers Gift Box

Bath Lovers Gift Box

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The perfect gift for anyone who's soak in the tub and pamper night is their go to 'me time' ritual. Packed with indulgent treats for a little everyday luxury and the occasional intensive pamper. Gift this box straight to a loved ones door or wrap and pop under the tree ready for Christmas.

What's In The Box

Nudi Point Facial Serum

Using therapeutic grade ingredients, Nudi Point are committed to 100% natural and genuinely organic products. Facially yours' facial serum is referred to as "liquid youth" by Nudi Point for good reason!  Using truly anti-ageing ingredients rich in beneficial nutrients and antioxidants, extracted naturally for maximum results. This serum will surely become your skins best friend.

Aotearoad Rose and Vanilla Moisturizer Stick

Handmade with Aroha (love) and wonderful essential oils that are good for your skin and for our planet. These sticks are a lush, chemical-free formula that uses natural ingredients to nourish and hydrate skin. Silky smooth to apply, non-greasy and a sweet rose and vanilla scent for supple, hydrated skin. The best part is that once finished, the packaging is completely compostable paper! 

Flo & Co Skincare Matcha Detox Face Mask

With the natural powers of bentonite clay and matcha, your skin will absolutely love the feeling of this mask. The bentonite clay and matcha help suck out impurities, tighten pores and control oil production for clear, silky skin. Packaged in powder form so no preservatives were necessary, simply mix a small amount with water for a fresh mask every time. Makes approximately 8 masks and in an adorable glass bottle, to recycle or re-use. 

Molly Woppy Gingerbread Biscuit 

Nothing says Christmas quite like a gingerbread cookie, snuggled up with a cup of tea or glass of milk. This sweet treat is a lovely accompaniment to any night where a little indulgence is called for.

SO Salt & Oil Uplifting Bath Salts

Recoup and recover with a hot bath in essential oils and natural healing salts with the SO Salt & Oil bath salts. Made from only two ingredients - salt and oil! Soak in the wonderful blend of either the Luxurious or Uplifting salts for a bath that will heal body and soul.

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