No Sweets Box (Was $60)


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Do you know someone that has food allergies or follows a particular eating plan, then this box is for them. Packed with good value NZ brands and not one food item in site.

Linden Leaves Bon Bon's are a festive season tradition here at MyTreat because they are a delight to receive and are filled with value. Each one includes a hand lotion (RRP $9.99) and a Lip Balm (RRP $14.95) for the lucky recipient to enjoy.

Sugar Scrub Cubes (RRP $12.99)  A fun alternative to your usual bar of soap. Each packet comes with ten pink and green, Summer Melon scented cubes for a fruity, Summer shower. These sugar soap scrubs are handmade and contain coconut oil to keep your skin moisturised, and are free of SLS and parabens. I do find the cubes are quite firm, so there's a bit of elbow work required in crumbling them up in warm water, but the pay-off is a super exfoliating shower! This is the second time Ahhh... Cosmetics Sugar Scrubs have featured in My Treat's boxes, and they do fit with this month's theme, as there's nothing better than going to bed with soft skin. 

Nudi Point Teeth Whitener (RRP $22.00) This impressive Black to White charcoal teeth whitener from Nudi Point can help to remove the surface stains on our teeth from coffee, wine, smoking and our diets. As well as stain removal this product can strengthen your gums, remove unwanted toxins from your mouth and absorb bacteria to give your teeth that sparkling white glow you have always wanted. Nudi Points Black to white charcoal teeth whitener is made with 100% natural activated coconut charcoal and is sure to impress you and those around you with how well it works.

Luxi Buff Facial Cleanser (RRP $15.00) 
Luxi Buffs bestselling oil facial cleanser is perfect for those evenings when you want to remove your make up and deep cleanse your skin all at the same time. Using coconut and lemon essential oils to penetrate deep into your pores to dissolve dirt, makeup and build up without drying or stripping your skin, then adding the benefits of olive oil, shea butter and grapeseed oil to deliver skin brightening nutrients enabling your skin cells to regenerate and soak up those vitamins and antioxidants. Luxi buff is all about natural, preservative free beauty products made from organic and palm free oils, butters and essential oils.

Do Gooder EcoBrush (RRP $5.50)
These high quality bamboo toothbrushes are carefully crafted from renewable, and sustainable bamboo. The bristles are nylon which are essential for looking after your teeth – we will not compromise on this. The bamboo toothbrush can be popped in the garden or waste after the bristles are removed, where it will happily biodegrade. Our natural floss comes in a recyclable glass bottle. This is reusable – simple pop in a refill and you are good to go again – reducing waste. We have 2 options – silk floss which is 100% biodegradable and a charcoal bamboo floss. This is nylon based but the bamboo charcoal increases the biodegradability. Packaging of both the bamboo tooth brush and floss is recyclable cardboard.