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Life is more interesting with beautiful new underwear. A little extra layer of confidence, and something exciting to receive in the post. Our boxes include a selection of flattering, high quality fabrics, while sticking to classic styles that sit well on real women. We know you want cute and comfortable.

Each month you will receive 2 new pairs of gorgeous woven polyester or cotton underwear inside your MyTreat box. We know you want to feel fab from the base layer, so these styles and fabrics are a treat to wear each day. Bills are boring so we are focused on brightening up New Zealand, one mailbox at a time. ​Women are way too busy, work way too hard and deserve way more surprises in our lives.... and because underwear is an essential item you can totally justify this pretty & practical treat.

● $16 per month ● Flexible Payment Options Available ● International Shipping Size Guarantee

Payment Options

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I want more than 3 Months?
Don't worry, our subscriptions auto extend so you will be the first in line for more boxes. You will receive email notification of the upcoming subscription, and subsequent payments and will have plenty of time to cancel should you not wish to continue.

When are boxes posted?
Our boxes are posted on the 25th of each month, for weekly and fortnightly pay customers your box will be dispatched once all payments are received. We will be in touch to arrange catch up payments if you do wish to receive your box at the same time as everyone else.

How can I cancel?
Due to the number of payment options available we are unable to offer cancellation through the customer portal but you can email us at anytime to cancel your subscription or change your payment plan.

Change your Payment Plan
You can email us at anytime to change your payment plan.

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