How to use MyTreat Discount Codes

Using Your Discount Code

  1. Add the products you want to your cart
  2. Go to your cart & complete your details, then at the top of your mobile device click on 'show order summary', this is where you can add in your discount code. For desktop computers the discount bar is shown on the right hand side of the final checkout screen, discounts will be calculated immediately so you can see the total to pay.

3. If you have added a rewards product shown at the top of the cart screen, your discount will be calculated without needing a code.
*Please note you must go to the final page to see the calculated checkout price for your rewards products.

4. If you are unsure how to add your reward products to your cart, click the 'add to cart’ one of the rewards products shown in the example below, then click checkout, the next page will show your discounts calculated before payment. Sorry for the inconvenience for anyone who tried and found this confusing. It’s super simple once you know how and we have added a little note in the rewards product boxes to clarify that the discount is calculated at the next step so hopefully this makes things less confusing.

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