Feeling confused?

If you have a subscription with MyTreat prior to June 2023, we understand that you might be feeling a bit puzzled about our recent updates.

No need to worry, though! We've created this page especially for you, aiming to clear up any confusion and bring you some much-needed clarity.

On this page:

- What we are changing

- FAQ's for current subscribers

- Benefits of moving to the new system

- How to migrate to our new system

  • If you are a current Body Box Subscriber and wish to access your customer portal, head to the link here.
  • If you have signed up for a New Membership Subscription (Mystery, Premium or Wellness) Find your customer portal link here.

Time for an upgrade!

Over the past two years, the digital retail landscape has undergone some remarkable changes. These changes have revolutionized how websites handle customer data and transformed the entire shopping experience. As a result, older systems and processes are being phased out to make way for newer, safer technologies.

In our case, this means that our trusty old subscription system is getting a makeover. We're in the process of migrating to a new system that opens up a world of exciting possibilities. With this new system, we can offer you a range of engaging and enjoyable subscription products.

Rest assured that we're working diligently to make sure this transition won't affect you much! But, if you have any questions or concerns, or notice anything strange, please let our friendly customer support team know so we can assist you every step of the way, by emailing us at info@mytreat.co.nz.

Thank you for being a part of our subscription family. Get ready to embark on an incredible journey of new possibilities and experiences!

Keep reading to find out more, and get all those burning questions answered.


Q. What is an 'Old' Subscription Plan?

A. An 'Old Plan' is the Body, Plus, Luxe, Teen or Mini Boxes. These boxes were created before June 2023, and are on our old subscription system.

Q. I am subscribed to an 'Old Plan' (Body/Plus/LUXE/Teen Box). Will my Subscription change with this new system?

A. Nope! We have created some new subscriptions that you can change to if you would like, but your current subscription is not being cancelled! Eventually, we may have to introduce a price increase, or migrate your plan to the new system, but we will give you plenty of warning first!

Q. How will these changes affect me? And do I need to do anything?

A. The only change to expect is the addition of our new points system, which can help you unlock new benefits and perks at our store. To start earning points, you just need to sign into your MyTreat account on our website, by clicking the Loyalty button on the bottom-right of your screen. If you want more info about how this points system works, head to the link here.

Q. Can I start earning points, even though I am on one of the old plans?

A. You sure can! Our new loyalty program applies to all monthly subscription payments paid in full*. So, you can get points for your purchases, and reoccurring payments on your subscription payments. How this works, is you get 1 point per 1 dollar spent, and those points can be redeemed for free stuff, discounts, and more!

*Fortnightly and Weekly Payments receive points for ONE payment per month. Ie. I pay fortnightly $24, I recieve 24 points ONCE every month.

Q. Should I change to one of the new plans?

A. Now, this one is tough. We will still be doing our best to pack all of our subscription boxes with epic treats and value but these new plans have given us the opportunity to put up the price (which we had not done for the Body Box in over 6 years!). With the extra budget, we can source really unique, premium items and ensure plenty of variety in each box - something we have found very difficult with our current boxes as our budgets were so tight! The Wellness Box is sort of an upgrade of all our Body Boxes, with extra treats each month.

If you would like to stay on your current plan, you are absolutely welcome to! But if you want to get the true MyTreat experience, you may find you prefer the Wellness Box or the other new membership subscriptions. The Premium Box is a ultra-luxurious, 3-month-only box subscription while the Mystery Box subscription is sort of a monthly lucky dip of treats. You earn 2 points per 1 dollar spent on these new membership subscriptions.

How to change to the new membership subscriptions

If you are wanting to migrate from your current plan to one of our new ones, but not sure how, check out the scenarios below:

A) I am currently subscribed to Body/Plus/Luxe or Teen Box.

Head to the link below, where we give a detailed explanation with images, to help you cancel your current plan and sign up to a new Wellness Box.


B) I have already prepaid for an annual subscription on Body/Plus/Luxe/Teen and wish to transfer my remaining credit to one of the newer plans.

Email us at memberships@mytreat.co.nz with the name of your current subscription plan, your name, and your email address associated with your subscription plan. We will arrange a call with you to transfer all your information and remaining credit to your desired plan, and desired payment frequency. (This should only take 5 minutes!)

C) Something else?

If you have any further questions, concerns or requests that have not been addressed on this page, please email us at memberships@mytreat.co.nz and we would love to assist you!

Love, the MyTreat Team

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