Body Box Fortnightly Pay

Fortnightly pay gives you the flexibility to match your MyTreat payment to your pay cycle. Choose your subscription length below, and treat yourself to an exciting monthly delivery with our beautiful subscription boxes. Your first fortnightly payment will be deducted today, and each 2 weeks thereafter. If you would like to change or reschedule your payment day you can email our team at any time.

Fortnightly pay became available after we received a very touching and honest message via Facebook, saying that while our boxes are beautiful, for some people the monthly payment makes it just impossible to juggle. So we had a chat to our web wizard about how we could manage a system that included weekly and fortnightly pay. Since then almost 20% of all subscriptions sold are on fortnightly pay, and even more on weekly pay. We are thrilled that our flexible payment options mean more women can justify a treat for themselves because we know that you are certainly as deserving of these special boxes.

Pamper yourself, and take a little time for you, choose your subscription length below & we look forward to delivering your box soon.