Introducing New Zealand Made November boxes

We are going to deliver some surprises in November! After testing out our Single Womans Box, with surprise treats inside, we have worked out that it adds to the thrill of receiving your box if your monthly delivery includes a few exciting (and unexpected) extras. There will be a few hints throughout the month, and if you keep a close eye on our Facebook and Instagram you might be able to get a few more clues, but just so you know we have been working hard to curate the most exciting New Zealand made November box EVER, here are a few of the treats you fill find inside. We know how hard women work all year and as things get a little silly, we hope you are treating yourself in the build up to Christmas. 

The idea behind November boxes, was that everything would be New Zealand made, everything had to be eco friendly, everything had to save you money, and the box had to represent the perfect holiday/festival survival kit that would leave your body feeling healthy, strong and ready for the crazy season. We have found some amazing skincare and body products you will love, and combined some innovative NZ treats your body will thank you for. Signing up in November means you will start the new year off the way you mean to go on, with exciting deliveries to get you through summer and products you will love. 

If you have been wanting to try bottle free haircare, this NZ brand is walking the walk. Not only with their natural products, effective shampoo, and hydrating conditioner bars, but their packaging, their process, and their growth as a company is all organic. Mirumiru have developed a high-quality shampoo that works in all humidity levels, to leave your hair healthy and soft, and the conditioner is just as good! People are raving about these products and after testing them out we can definitely say one of the best features, is their solid construction and blend of ingredients that mean they are a non-messy alternative to some of the softer shampoo bars currently available. 

Artemis Lemon and Thyme Tonic will help boost your immune system and is the ultimate internal treat. Whether you want to cleanse and detox, or add it to your favourite summer cocktail, the taste of sweet Central Otago Thyme will give you an instant pick-up. This immune boosting tonic is a great support for the chest and throat, supporting immune function and delivering a power pack of therapeutic herbs. The vitamin C in the Lemon is a powerful immune booster, its a powerhouse of antioxidants which fight free radicals, which lead to cell damage and general lethargy and Thyme is a very handy herb - Its an expectorant, which helps to keep the air passages clear. Deep breathing is the only way to biochemically effect your body, so this tonic will keep you de-stressed, healthy and ready for summer. 

What an absolute highlight to offer this certified organic essential oil blend that will not only help you stress less, but uplift and invigorate your energy levels. Absolute Essential focus on oils with a purpose, they have conducted studies into the benefits of using essential oils to stimulate moods and with their Stress Less blend you will head into the silly season with a secret weapon!

Essential plant oils have been known for thousands of years to have powerful healing and therapeutic properties - Absolute Essential have ticked all the boxes when it comes to certification and organic harvesting and manufacturing, you can rest assured that you are using the best quality there is. This particular blend is an effective recipe for those wanting natural support in times of stress or pressure. This pristine organic blend integrates perfectly with the nervous system supporting calm and mental peace. If you've never tried an essential oil blend, we recommend definitely give it a go.

  • Personal stress management
  • Work stress management
  • Relaxation
  • Massage

You can simply pop a few drops into a diffuser or burner, smudge some onto your wrists or behind the ears for inhalation, or pop some into your favourite massage cream.

Your goal, by the end of summer, is to have lavished this amazing By Nature Skincare body lotion all over your skin. This natural New Zealand made treat will help you maintain hydration levels to your body over summer, keep that sun kissed glow for as long as possible, prevent dry, scaly skin, and leave your skin feeling healthy. This HUGE 500ml bottle is enough to last you for ages, and we know the scent is so sweet, and the application so light, that you will be

Orders for November subscription boxes close very soon, sign up to monthly pay today your first payment will be deducted in 7 days time, so if pay day is next week you can still reserve the box you deserve! 

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  • Can I please buy the box

    Joanne Moses can I please buy the box
  • Can I buy the november box please

    Joanne Moses
  • Can I buy the november box please

    Joanne Moses

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