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Top Tips to get your Bounce back - Without Botox!

Top Tips to get your Bounce back - Without Botox!


All that summer socialising and busy buzzing around, not to mention sun exposure, can leave the skin looking neglected and dull. Time to give your skin a much-needed buzz too!

 bee venom night cream

The luxurious formula has also been infused with powerful skin-loving ingredients: Active Manuka Honey, Propolis, Collagen, Elastin and Medical Grade Lanolin to help promote tighter, bouncier skin.


APPLICATION: Apply a small amount to the face using a brush, or if you are using fingers, make sure to wash hands after. You will notice a strange tingling sensation - this means it's working!

NOTE - Patch test first, do not use if you have a bee allergy.


PS. Skin in need of a more intensive pick-me-up? You can also use it as a night cream instead of a mask, leaving it on overnight and washing off in the morning.


HOW IT WORKS: Attached to a bee's sting is the venom sac, containing the bee's chemical cocktail of mellitin, histamine and other proteins. Bee venom has powerful anti-inflammatory properties that benefit the health of your skin and immune system.

The venom works by making the skin think it has been lightly stung, increasing blood circulation, which means that the inner layers of the skin increase the production of elastin and collagen. This helps reduce sun damage, dark spots, blemishes and tightens the skin naturally.


If you have been with us long enough to have tried this treat before, then you have either run out, or KNOW how amazing this mask really is! We suggest sharing this treat with a friend and showing them the power of Bee Venom... and perhaps introducing them to their next favourite NZ Skincare brand - Lanocreme. Love Lanocreme? Take a look at their brand new range of NZ-Made, lanolin-infused goodies at their website:

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